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farewell Aotearoa (August 2005)

28 Feb

this love aches
  a slow deliberate exhale

Air pushed out
  between my lips
  forcing a sound, a groan
    a moan, my loss

Red eyes, gentle wail
  as he sails away
  with my tears following

Pressure building,
a small trickle of
honey breath and sea views

I ache everywhere
  my blood hurts
as it continues
my life

  the softly turned moment
  when I fly –
  an eagle’s landscape

where beauty may not sustain
  where survival will be imperative
  and a blessing (from the earth)


travelling (August 2005)

28 Feb

I am here, I am in this moment
life’s little pause

suspend me
in this place
now and forever

only to move on

life’s little joys
bought by me
at a price

tonight (June 2005)

28 Feb

yes, tonight you’re on my mind
never mind that you’re not next to me
you’ve tended my soul with sweetness
translated language into poetry
and spun webs of delicate words
what would I do without you my muse?

And if I were to bump into you tomorrow
I think I would take your hand
and read every crinkle of your palm
I would ask when our lives would next intersect
but mainly I would just be content
  and touching
  and falling
in love we respect
this distance and our chosen lives

tomorrow (June 2005)

28 Feb

my journey begins
rest now

and listen
sink into the music
and travel

dancing with you
breath and cheek
so slow

I draw my strength
here you are
at last with me

my journey begins
with you

travel (June 2005)

28 Feb

I can’t say
what will happen
to my heart

and where it will travel
I can’t say to my heart
that you must stay here and love

or go there and not
tepid and lukewarm
no, I will miss you painfully

what will happen
will be

will nourish us in some way
in which way…
I can not say

laura (May 2005)

28 Feb

northern star in our southern sky
away from the blossoms
and easter eggs of new life

welcome to this autumn day
  where we harvest
  eating till we no longer hunger

    our food
   our wine
  and dance the autumn nights away

join me as the golden leaves
drop away in a celebration
of our season

Happy Birthday new autumnal
  child of Aotearoa

I waited (March 2005)

28 Feb

All my moments collected
and drawn like an exposed trail
led me to this moment

of inhaled beauty, scented
as the lick of salt spray
catches in the wind

and blown some distance
becomes one with air

You must know
I have waited
all these moments for you

caught in the breath
of our southerly gale
I fall into step

knowing you
  to be
    the one
      I love

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