here and now (July 2003)

25 Feb

I am your island paradise
whatever you dream of me, this place holds
Longing for solitude and the emptiness of horizons
serendipity awaits, embellishing it, I paint

our horizons of consciousness sees the invisibility
of all that is around us
at the expense of what really is
in front of us

You don’t hear the city cars rumble by
as the noises merge into the margins of nature
the scratch of urban tires are overshadowed
by the dancing silhouettes in the sky

you hear a delightful cry from the sea bird
as it drops a pipi to the earth, air, water
earthen lunch is ready
The road hums, and the cicadas sing summer

your memory, your anticipation, they are one
you look towards the past
as one looking forward
as my descendants have done
we bare the child of simplified nostalgia
a photo album of peace and contentment

You imagine, I remember
You remembered, I imagined
vivid and alive
coherent moments
neither of us inhabit our here and now.


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