message in a bottle (June 2003)

25 Feb

it’s the same sea, the same ocean
glassy and reflective, anticipating
my foot as I dip my toe in
it tingles, it bites

it awakens and it numbs
it changes
swelling and foaming, pondering
shall I listen?

the wind is light behind me
a northerly
starting its first whisper from far away
this one, barely audible, barely existing

sometimes, after the wind and sea have quarreled
there lies a scattering of small logs
shells, seaweed, kelp, paua
dumped past the high tide mark

I retreat to the sand and look
and see driftwood washed up from the South
cast off wisdom from a great tree
It defined itself long ago, and now
it only gets smoother
and decays

Role your trousers up. Just jump in!
the swell is large now, it peals
and dumps, sprays, and tells me
I’m waiting, I’m scared

Why are you talking to me,? asks the sea
Why would I have a message for you? commands the wind
Why do you deserve my council? speaks the driftwood

For we think
you already know
and believe
that everything happens for a reason


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