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make you cry (June 2005)

21 Mar

I don’t want to make you cry
I can’t say that last good bye
but we both know

that somewhere
we fell off
and you so patient and so kind

I don’t deserve such
it makes me cry
to think I could hurt you

with a heart that won’t open to you
oh so good for me
and yet I can’t

say good bye
it makes me unsteady
clouded skies, I can’t see my way

to fall in love with you again
yes, would make it so easy
forgive me for not knowing what to do

I don’t want to make you cry


equinox in buenos aires (September 2005)

21 Mar

I’m calling softly
(but really you should not
whisper in my ear from so far away)
waiting for God
(speaking his voice)
where I see no clarity.

A hard rain falls
  like a final decision
flooding my reason
  and all I want
  is the rainbow

abadiania´s nest (October 2005)

18 Mar

It’s the rainy season below the equator
and so far inland
I am in a separate world from you

like the length of a life time
and a platform of faces
and one stranger’s eye

sees your destination
the bumping memories
we all share.

In love, you are here
on my Waterfall Pass
in Abadiania’s nest

the parallel remembrances
like concentric circles
like a child’s first attempt at painting.

Have you willed the change
and called your soul
back, when the rooster calls the traveler

returning from the twilight pinks
to this single destination
to share in dawn’s chorus

of these life times of ours.
I am so far in land
and sea and spirit

What’s written then in our will
is our transition.
this is what I have remembered

angel´s wings (October 2005)

18 Mar

Angel’s wings
sprinkling their dust
in the healings and meditations

of time, bounded in a heart stone
that comes from the sacred family
and her land

washed clean with her water
and moon cycles
as she gathers the monsoons

together, the wedding bells tinkle
as the first drops
toll and christen

the humanity of it all

turquoise (October 2005)

18 Mar

happy octaves beneath my skin
mellowed by the warm tilting sun
melodic clouds and pink diamonds

dancing with the magic water
sitting content, and moving with
the intent of those high clouds

like a forecasted rainstorm
answering a thousand prayers and
turning those blue moments
  to turquoise

springtime nun (October 2005)

18 Mar

I’m attracted to this soft morning light
like heavy lidded bedroom eyes
promising nothing except comfort
of solitude and longings

I’m wrapped in this soft morning light
like a soft velvet aroma
of muted air and patterned earth
sparkling in the new day’s long shadow

I dance in this soft morning light
the lonely woman’s embrace
defined by her comfort
by the red glow Horizon

I share in this soft morning light
like a suspended waterfall, lost in motion
a common tongue in invisible valleys
that discernible language

I am naked in this soft morning light
like the heavy dew, untouched
like soft pipe organ music
calling the nuns in springtime

i am the one (October 2005)

17 Mar

I am the one
  who returned from nowhere
  no stories nor wounds
  no sign of healing
  life turned grey
  like a windowless smile

I am the one
  turned inward and wades shallow
  shouldering undone fantasies
  and smothering my soul
  it aches in the belly
  like purity, heavy when absent

I am the one
  who bends our hearts
  not willing to let go of shapes
  of a constellation unassigned
  at low tide
  the season of hope

I am the one
  who sends to the heavens
  asking for a pallet of words
  colours and meanings
  who paints life, still life
  of fate and free will

I am the one
  who sharpened her senses
  breathing in nature and lore
  my silver turning green
  my greens majestic
  still, no understanding in it all

I am the one
  who asks for action
  for compassion and forgiveness
  I seek realisation
  without pain, without affliction
  and then, come to my dead ends

I am the one
  who stands at the foreshore
  at watermarks, milestones
  and sandy remembrances
  arms and lungs open, I cry –
  for it is the only thing I know

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