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mind’s timing (December 2005)

30 Apr

let your mind take control
and you will obsess
about timing

surely love knows no timetables
it’s life’s breath
is of oneness and wholeness

of parallels
and synchronicities
of now and here

yet this love’s test
shows I have an impatient
heart longing for more

the paint not yet dried
and smudged in my haste
it seems

and for that
(my heart ventures)
you have been wronged


the mirror of me (December 2005)

30 Apr

In my immaturity
I took my ideals to extremes
wanting to establish my identity

an angry gut reaction
to the shallow tests in my way
I failed to learn the lessons

instead I judged the judges
and all who conformed

I couldn’t learn from you
the rights and wrongs
you set your life by

I thought you were judging me
but all along, I was my greatest critic
it was something I wanted to deny

I judged and projected
defensiveness into our relationship

You, who mirrored my greatest
until I showed compassion

the judge (December 2005)

30 Apr

you are forcing me to judge my self
for the hurt that I have caused
you want me to rationalise my actions

to provide you with a justification
for forgiveness
or anger

and all that rises inside of you
I want to honour your emotions
respect every tear in the process

every whisper of self you find
I want us to unbury our paths
and in compassionate tones

acknowledge our cross roads
and the duplicity of fear
that played apart in our lives

I want to do so much
to amend the pain you swallow
but I can’t acknowledge

what you want to hear
I am sorry
I ask for your forgiveness

but you want me to judge me
and dishonour the path I have begun
I can’t explain my stubbornness

all that I understand
is forgiveness is unconditional
and what passes between me and God

is not for you to judge

there are too many layers
too much history imprinted
to cast a stone at this single act

last night (November 2005)

14 Apr

you guide me to know my heart
as I’m standing at the threshold
seeking to enter

the venetian taxi
floating beneath the bridge of sighs
washing your way, the waves

when the fare is already paid
there is a moment of separation
– the unworthy bleeding heart –

and then I become
all that is

the coming together
like the immortal
being that I feel with you

love is not about a ‘one and only’
that has stranded many
it is all about the oneness

of spirit and soul and life
and all that is love
that oneness (with you) brings

the sun gazers (November 2005)

14 Apr

there are no promises
to give from this new day
a day of summer rain showers

and beautiful dreams forgotten
in the morning
momentarily glimpsed – through sleepy eyes

you and I
the sun gazers
travel to find

travel to be
we reach our point
of oneness

(in whatever form that takes)
there’s no need to promise
there’s no need to be

  the world
cause it’s already ours
it’s already ours to receive

east and west
it just doesn’t matter which horizon
we journey or walk

when we’re already there
when You were always here
hiding under the horizon

like a hide and seek child
to be found

love reaction (November 2005)

13 Apr

love reaction
a chain of events
discovered too late

one might think
there’s never a good time
to fall out of love

never a rhythm
to start the next beat
a parade of smiles

unfold before your eyes
but you missed the look
while your gaze is lent

there is a secret
to this ‘letting go’ thing
– open your heart to love

and let the universe supply

my personal bliss (November 2005)

13 Apr

butterfly wings dusted for flight
gently brushing emotions
like cats’ whiskers

kittens and puppies
so free, but in want
of affection and milk

in search, they cry, they whine
a neighbourhood chorus
singing in one spirit

and so it is
as I enter my heart
the underwater beach

riding waves, floating, being
my body ripples
I am the ocean, the tides, the current

I am the healing blue
the balancing green
I am floating in your arms

you brought me here
desiring no more than this moment
gentle scent – my personal bliss

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