the burning light (November 2005)

13 Apr

I’m gulping breaths
like your life depends on it
you are the phantom

of my empty soul
star gazing on a cloudy night
you have nowhere to go

unless I carry you
this ache
the hot burning light

We were the soft notes
floating into night sky
a stranger’s solace

as he paused mid-step
his own memory rekindled
in a sigh, in a song

like the passive equilibrium
that aches
the slow burning light

Morning sun like midnight blue
I slept to awaken my path
– it’s different from yours

and I want you to see it first
to kiss me goodbye
and send me on my way

turning around
this ache –
the soft burning light

we are not alone
we are not the first
to start again the pendulum

don’t bury your soul
don’t swallow the emotional wave
honour what you must face

face our ache
and look toward
this burning light


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