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duet (February 2006)

20 May

let us come together
  and sing
your hands directing play

strong and gentle
like the soft distant humm
of the tuning fork

louder and stronger
vibrations in harmony

the song forming
and played over and over
again, entering the base note

which establishes the beat
  the heat, the rhythm
notes pouring forth

sheets of music floating
in a haze, delirious

singing to the very last drop
from the mountains and valleys
and pre-dawn embraces


fear (February 2006)

20 May

I am paralysed by fear
unwilling, unable to draw breath
retiring to unconsciousness

I sought my heart’s longings
and found something I can’t have.
No longer tip-toeing

but stamping my feet
  my desire can’t be met
oh the ache as my body

  takes flight
muscles suspended in contractions
  resisting and blocking

  cramping, aching, hurting
my skin can no longer feel pain
every fibre is clenched

and draws the attention
when you touch me
  it triggers a breath

a sob, caught in the throat
  pierced in two
  and soaked in emotion

the sorrow of breathing
  the fear of life
parting from my soul with

  each saturated gasp
but slowly drawing a rhythm
an acceptance of my sentimental scales

  out of balance
  in balance
  who cares

scales of acceptance
  at the life I have been thrown
  at the life I own

and take responsibility for
connecting with your pain
  and mirroring mine

manifesting an unreturned love
  for the future,
  here my fears play out

when all I need to do
  is identify what’s yours
  what’s mine

and chose to accept
  my longing
  as an enriched path

  my fear
  as the sedative.
Oh the power of the decision

  it is mine to command
  it is mine to offer healing
  and mine to accept

Your healing hands touch me
my body shudders, releases
  shudders and expels

levitating or not
I am in a higher self
my form uncontrolled

my shadow dancing
  and tingling
my outline hazy

as I transcend what is blocked
  in me
My face is dried with emotion

  layers of wind swept tears
and I am at the point of exhaustion
at the point of refreshed

  the fine balance
  that sustains and clears
not a precarious place to be

rather, one that I embrace
  to remember
  to remember

beauty challenged (February 2006)

20 May

I stand alone
and away from the trees
laden with their ripening fruit

the dripping ferns that nestle in
beside the waterfalls
and a vast distance from the green canopy

that inclines itself to the sea
there is silence when I seek the songs
of the forest

there is emptiness when I wish
to yield to the shade.
Yet; the beauty is present

and in the blink of an eye
the butterfly flutters
like suspended judgements

and I expand my vision
to encompass more wholly
the stark Beauty before me

bold and energising
an honest mirror that heals
I see myself as I am

and for what I want
that blazon sun pouring gratitude
into every cell of my body

so I can receive
beyond my perception

sorrow (February 2006)

18 May

the breath of experience
pushes me through
it’s safe to let go

in God’s hands now
in God’s breath
the vivid portrait

of my guide, the one I love
flashes before me
as waterfalls

so clean, so clear, so pure
rush all around
all over me

I lose hold
slipping through fingers
the sediments of sorrow

the realisation I have before me
the temporary arms of a lover
gone and divided

I embrace you, more than you
I circle your heart, cupping
something I want

I want to remember your shape
so I can continue this
embrace, this hold

until I am ready to let you go

joy (February 2006)

18 May

I am the fingertips that lightly brush my skin
I am the eyelash that bats a crazy grin
I am the tongue that rest on the syllables
  of love and peace and bliss
I am the lips reckless for your kiss

I am the leg in the hammock that swings
I am the toe that dips into springs
I am the arms that embrace
  my life, my body and soul
I am the laugh that’s out of control

I am the song sung at the beach campfire
I am the ecstasy as my spirit rides higher
I am the dance that swirls
  up and down and round
I am the third eye with a message profound

I am the horizon that takes in your breath
I am the heart that carries beyond death
I am the Christmas Eve suspense
  like happiness wrapped in a toy
I am what’s inside me, my life is called Joy

ananda (February 2006)

18 May

surrounded by green peace
I understand your beauty
like wind chimes responding

to gentle breezes
and bringing the coming
together of our hearts

we share the elements
freely cleansing, water falling
rocks patterned in the flow

trees breathing in their light
green stillness and delicate birdsong
you have brought my heart home

the warmth of your fire
kinders my soul
opens perceptions in gratitude

to being here
now, and in my heart

wonderland (February 2006)

18 May

I am at peace
and curious
aware of my body

as it flushes
and purifies
I am in a state of being

present to my self
and entering the
lapping waves

subtle but promising
that hold oceans

and tides leading to

accepting and loving
I am my self again

leaving my body at the entrance of night
more curious
more at peace

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