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new years eve (31 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

good night (new years) eve
you have sent me
  to a new home

every spring cleaned corner
dusted for a new
mirror and light

offerings of tenderness

calm me for this new year
journal a love story
  round my thighs

stroke my belly new year
and kiss eve and eve and eve
my ready soul

let my shadows go!


away (28 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

Do I miss you?
like a skipped heartbeat
my rhythm thrown
and then life carries on

musing (23 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

dew petals
there is none more

sister soul (23 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

sister soul
you are more
  joy than I contain

and it dances
  you round the room
  a trail

  a honey trickle
of adoration
not one can match

  your shine
your smile, dear sister
glides into our lives

as an evening jewel

tell me your honesty (10 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

tell me your honesty
tell me what your world is
tell me your musings
  (my muse, sing)

tell me what dawn is
  (and how the birds
   sing for your lover)
tell me what a sunrise

  can do
  to your heart
when you know
   only you

   only you
  are captured
tell me what shines
  when you sing

  (when I hear your voice)
tell me how the moon rises
this morning over
  only us

mirror of my soul
tell me what song you found last night

run (22 Nov 2006)

27 Jun

when I sense my descent
  into the gloom of

and all I want
is piled up blankets
  to smother

and drown my depths
  an empty current
ripped down

then I know;

Do the opposite!

I loved you out loud (19 Nov 2006)

27 Jun

I love you out loud
I love you silently
I love you from afar
when our belonging
  is with another

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