my land beckons (20 Mar 2006)

1 Jun

the healer – witch doctor – and I
summoned together
to the mystic mountains

and thermal belly
of a southern continent
Breathing dry air and

bathing in tubs of quartz
this land calls me

this land calls me
like spreading consciousness
like invoking the rain dance

and sharing stillness of the fire gazer
Yes, this land calls
and collects together

  the healing elements
to teach life’s lessons on love
to foster the purity of life

Summoned to all this and
already I am there
forming a long shadow

beyond my boundaries
as my dreams fly the rainbow flag
as the planets align a new project

My intent has begun
my pulse is excited
the decision is mine

My land calls
and finds me answered
so it comes as no surprise, that

the mystic mountains, my thermal belly
are in no hurry
to bring me back

As there is something necessary, a short
cut dug through the spring pools
  to the other side

  of the world
where a soul awaits
to create the home for my heart

My land beckons


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