warning (02 Apr 2006)

1 Jun

I’m not sure you realise
the warning you gave me
has discoloured

and sunk deep
you can’t ask me to follow
you can’t ask me to love you

as fully as I do
I have scared you
because you see my longing

as unhealthy
and misdirected
heal through love

but look upon yourself
you say
Your voice is seeded with pity

with fear
of hurting me and what I may encounter
in you

do you have no faith
that time will harvest my true motivation
where I want to love you fully

where I want to be your sun and stars
your cloudless heavens
to which you call upon

for direction
and inspiration
where I am your dawn’s gaze

each time
longing to see more
and each time

containing more

So don’t warn me (away) again
for it makes me feel undone

you may think I need protecting
but I know the strength I have
and I want to take you on


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