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angel (06 July 2007)

25 Jul

I told him he’s my angel
But I think he would say
I’m not his miracle


from and to (4 July 2007)

25 Jul

snake skins and butterfly wings
dropping petals (evolve)

tree lines
impart your strength
and I will give you my

praise (song)
mountained valleys
deep green ravines

bowing presence of leaves
and leaves and rushing
wind, tall ever

green, ever here as a breath
saluting the fountain
of parchment and pen

of God and Knowledge
they are one (visionary)
my gift

from and to

the voice outside
our quiet, the voice inside
my silence

another angel of a kind (13 June 2007)

25 Jul

here and let me
  look on you
for me it is enough

to stay in your eyes
and from the depths
of you and within

me, I (in Truth)
see you now as the
angel who took

  my life;
the messenger who
  sent me a death

march, as
a spider who loses her
  world to the wind

you, muse forged a song
  only I need write

roar (01 Jun 2007)

25 Jul

let me hear you
as you come

as a result (11 May 2007)

25 Jul

I have grieved. I have learnt

the difference between a tear that
purges bitterness from my soul, and
the tear that forms itself

upon misery and self indulgence. I
understand the balance between
feeling sorry for myself, and feeling

grief deeply

I know these tears intimately

and understand from which
vein they arrived. I hope you know
that I gave myself


to feel these things
deeply, knowing always
I will pick myself

up, and grow my spirit
ever upwards

seven (07 May 2007)

25 Jul

4 days shy of the golden
lotus number 7
(your crowning light)

recycling tissue and skin
and cellular memory –
day 3 is material

(tomorrow you are spirit)

here comes refreshment
transient chemicals
an entire new layer

(no wonder you sneeze)
towards half way
and completion

tiles (04 May 2007)

24 Jul

tiles at Embassy Theatre. Looks like a puppy.foremost
Honesty and her long
  nails pick
a tile by tile
and tessellate
a certain placement
for the telling

these tiles
conveying space and
hiding the denial
an incomplete
  tale; directed then this
  to run its course

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