it started (22 Oct 2007)

14 Aug

it started- a small innocent thought
arose my mind, spontaneous
I was back with you

this is all you need, my mind
reminding me, (shape-shifting dagger),
He is your perfect equal, the rising moon, is he not?

don’t you remember how
wonderfully you love this
crazed out astro-man?

why let him go so soon?
Yes, it was a small innocent thought
And so it began

to marry sincere Pain with fallacious Suffering

what have I to gain
in indulging these thoughts
spontaneous, they are not the enemy

the innocent by-product perhaps
I gave life to
these could-ofs and should-ofs

I am caught in the contractions
of this story, creating a greater
distance between the next line

and what actually is
what is the escape when here
is dark and now is night

and there is nothing I can do
there is nothing for me to do
to shift sleep, it is not the where and when I seek

so all that is left, is to say
how long need I suffer when
I am the story teller behind this thought

the separation I feel
is the gap of judgement
and pain, the fierce (s)word of truth

I need space to close the gap
to catch the wind of Awake
and lean into her with my whole being


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