tree of life (13 Oct 2008)

17 Sep

Tree of Life Painting by Billy McGrathtake this building
and plant a tree inside
she will grow, don’t worry
all she needs is a kind thought to water

notice her roots are magic
like a divining rod, they seek the pulse of
earth, rich and poor, to give form
to that which shakes

see her arms spread open
receiving every day as her own child
see her tickle the currents and ideas
and with the simplest act, drop them

as the autumn sun takes the shortest path
see her dance
  see her seek light
   see her naked and exposed

baring now ancient wisdom
and scattering leaves like pearls
and pearls like the sage passes down wisdom
see her thickening trunk

pulsate the deep heart from the mother stone
a rose quart(caught) of beauty
a candle’s new flame
see her touch the sky

spreading the blue light from horizon to
horizon, and dappling in fun summers
see her protect all
see her adore the attention

  knowing all the while, she does not exist
see her as ancient
   as ever being
   as invisible beyond worlds

and as large as life
in every dancing cell
see her as perfect
   as your story

and your seed creation
see her as something you watered
  with a spontaneous heart
  and impulsive mind

see that
  and declare:
    I AM SHE

» You can view the painting Tree of Life by Billy McGrath on his website.

» Read the article I wrote about The Tree of Life and entering it into a poetry competition.


One Response to “tree of life (13 Oct 2008)”


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    » Read my article about entering this poem into a poetry competition.
    The Yoga Lunchbox summary:
    Does hope prevent us from experiencing life as it really is? What happens if we drop hope? Alys Titchener explores these questions after being named a finalist in a poetry competition.

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