knowing (March 2009)

5 Oct

prior to knowing
is the certainty
of not knowing

the assure-ity of my destiny
waiting –
I am born to love

to complete fullness
in a way that my taste buds recognise
in a way the touch of a hongi persists

for life times and I sense it again
before we have a chance to meet
there is certainty

of our love that spun through me
and all I can do is wait
for the recognition

to settle in my mind
(it’s already in my heart)
and when we do meet

I’m not throwing out lines of introductions
but something more akin to fish hooks
you know me

if only our words can exchange
this vast idea
of a timeless heart

in polite conversation

who ARE you?
has never been such a big question
when the recognition of our self occurs
thank you my timeless one
for being so iridescently you
and shining out the light of all home-comings

I love you
in amongst all the unknowing
this is my certainty


One Response to “knowing (March 2009)”

  1. Nesutittara December 12, 2009 at 6:36 am #

    Seems like you are a real specialist. Did you study about the theme? lol

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