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fierce grace (23 May 2009)

20 Dec

it is a ferocious story
one that I can’t even begin
to offer the scale of empathy
  it warrants

the acute contraction
  of life and lives
as the story surfaces
and all the fears that ties

themselves to a mother
  to a son, to a sister
   to a daughter (sweet child)
and expresses again

  in fierce mother-love fears
in such a natural response
and yet, in a small way,
I see the grace

  the unbundling of pain
and the pain unbundling
that son brings mother
  (daughter and sister)

God! What a purpose
What a divine love to go through
  this together
How my heart peals to the core

  of nothing left
when I think of your
  karmic play
the karmic run-off

and the karmic love
holding you all together
  beyond this life’s imagination
I am touched


tantra art (22 May 2009)

18 Dec

Billy McGrath painting of Tantra couple
Billy and I had the opportunity to attend one of Oceana’s Tantra Retreats for couples. Oceana asked me to write an article and I offered a painting to go with it (ala billy).

So while I was writing my article, I was watching billy go through the process of creating a painting, and the process was fascinating. A metaphor for dissolving and merging as the painting moved from one idea into another. I wrote this poem in response.

tantra art

I am watching you
paint me and you
as a cellular blur

a chakra merge
a tide of colours
  moving in and

outside, boundaries
dissolving, form

  beautiful images
dyeing on your page
after a rush of inspiration

beautiful images
dying in our minds
  like perspiration

I’m laughing at how
this individual spark
You. I. coming together

isn’t a loss of my self, rather
  I am more aware

Read the article for Oceana’s Tantric Getaway

call this joy (14 May 2009)

18 Dec

we have touched
  every part
of our self

everything triggered
as to collapse
  in one

to call this joy
  is to know that
the plummeting engulfing

is contained within
  a much larger vessel

self persists (14 May 2009)

18 Dec

I found that vast dot
as a Nothing surrounded
by my inside out

thoughts, kind of bouncing
off a non-existent boundary
like an expression of lovers

surrendering to a vast whole
that can never let me fall
and I am there, in the middle

do I pretend I don’t exist?
how does that dropping away
thought annihilate

itself; drown or burn or simply
the attention brings a flurry

of thoughts, concepts, ideas
  my self
examining this moment as a dot

because still this self persists

not my will (11 May 2009)

18 Dec

before the spring
eruption of our cosmic newness
there exists a silence

akin to waiting
like possibilities sitting
under the snow

breathing a deeper earth
rhythm, slower than the days
and nights, slower than a storm

cloud, it bides and hums this
dance. I am still
ever growing readiness, frozen

in the highest realms, mountains
growing faster, the whole earth
readying what is underneath

from molten core to the new
alpine flower fluttering its
first fragrance into the wind

of nowhere, there I am
dancing the perfect tempo
of ‘not my will’

the dance has begun (29 April 2009)

18 Dec

I am dancing in the grace of
the unknown
the mysteries of time

and certainty can be
only a glimpse of an
impulse, a spontaneous

decision; pealing laughter
bursting flames, pinecone mandalas
exploding as a lotus ember, residing

in heart, touching fingers,
sudden rainbows, exploring night times,
seeing myself truly, listening

to fat rain, coming up for air
and recognising loss of control
means the dance has begun

take a look (28 April 2009)

18 Dec

pain lives around
lies and unquestioned
truth, take a look

when you know
‘that’s not it’ and
know nothing else

take a look, for
all it is, is a shape
needing to be held

draw no guilt, take
nothing from the wound
simply hold

this sad feeling
this need to express
let tears be tears

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