I can’t take my eyes off you (23 April 2009)

18 Dec

Billy McGrath Painting Woman on Beach

Billy painted this for a friend who wanted to commission a piece to give to the family of the woman (pictured) who died of leukemia. I found out she was recently married and when I looked at billy’s painting, I was really moved by the painting. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it. Within moments I wrote a poem as part of the gift.

The friend loved the two pieces. Billy ending up painting the poem on to the back of the painting.

I can’t take my eyes off you

I have come to a world
where a setting sun drops
in the middle of an ocean
where stars fall like wind on sand

and like a silk dress
wrapped to my legs
I know
  the outline my life will bare

I know
every cell has felt
your smile on me, I can only
show you what you already

have, my love

  I can only leave
when the readiness of light
is the long sparkling night
and your shining eyes

I am made from the stars
I am a constellation you
  know in the palm of your
hand, I am every heart beat in you

laugh for me (it tickles
my soul)
ah the joy is so quiet, I can rest
so still like no horizon every glimpsed

This is worth living for, Yes!
I can’t take my eyes off you


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