a history lesson on Love II (30 Sept 2009)

24 Jan

When we don’t know any
better, it’s what guides us

When our connection to our
higher self is a lost star
in the night sky and the soul

is asking, asking quietly
behind the moon
to bring about everything as intended

What guides us, when open or
moves the fixed and established
mountains in our minds

is the wide eyes of utter attention
on me

aah, yes, that is a clue, that the world
the universe is vested and keen in my
next move

And in those blind years, the only
light is a new and inseparable

it becomes nearer than morals allow
(completely inevitable) surrendering
to this path when the cross road

appears on the Camino, at the Casa
in silent meditation, at Satsang in India
and so close to home, within my very

kitchen, I find these angles, these lovers
turning me, guiding me

All of me years to stay in Love
whatever season or reason it came

Yes, I recognise Love in my blind years
as my inseparable guide, leading me
from the heart


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