Heart chakra (11 Feb 2010)

16 Feb

I need to start again, in Byron Bay
I want to live in Grace, she is spontaneous
And bewildering

And so intently creative. An opportunist
Where I can help write a book;
Living Well with Chronic Illness

(anyone who lives in the illusions
of suffering feels this
as the ultimate chronic illness)

So I fall and fall and fall
Into Grace, she is, by definition
More than I can ever ask for

Love comes in the form of healing
Healing comes in the form of love
I am dancing again

Under new stars
In a place circled on the earth
By god for me

I forgive you God

And I open the largest scar
in the heart of my known cosmos
like Uluru, it is a sacred walk

by men in their own journey into freedom
and I let go to the divine
it is a surrender like a snake dropping its skin

no longer needed, too dull perhaps
for the colourful funeral
of suffering

(pain lives on her own now)

I am in a different relationship to life
I love without boundaries
Flowing into the Holy Trinity

Of Love Triangles
I know this is my lesson (be compassionate)
Because last time I tore my soul into pieces

This time; it is clear
That honesty must guide this crazy path
No matter the cost

  What is more healing
  Than loving the best and worst in someone
  And calling ourselves Sweetheart?

Yes, Grace is compassionate
And adventurous. She invites me
to India, pay attention, she says

and say Yes


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