perfection (25 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

I am still in the think of my story
it’s like going up to some
great learned saint of consciousness

and chanting “I am Love. I am Love”
in the hope that he will see me as Love
only… he sees perfection

he sees the mirror of himself
my desire to be seen
(at all, but specifically in a particular light)

is completely redundant
for when I went up to hug this guru
I didn’t fall apart as some do

I didn’t even quake in ecstasy
(I watched someone shake a kundalini
current just standing in front of him)

no… I feel quiet
and equal

I had an impulse to purr in his ear
but the hug smoothed me into his
neck and there I was, fully embraced

he turned his head slightly
and purred

and all I could think, is Yes!


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