what happens when I have a writer’s block in India

4 Mar

drawings of gurus from my time in India

These are some drawing I did in India and just after. For some reason I lost the ability to self reflect while there, and so turned my attention to that which was more immediate to my senses… drawing.

I’ve never drawn before, so felt the only way I could bring a face through was to throw lots of bright colours on to the light and lots of heavy dark colours on to the shadows.

The whole process was very immediate and kept me wholey present; unlike my writing which is reflective and often comes with a ‘story’.

These drawings are now sitting in the “Yurt” construct in our dinning room (at the Sanctuary). I meditate there and also grow basil. A very light spot in the house. Yum.


One Response to “what happens when I have a writer’s block in India”

  1. al frost March 5, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    hi wonderful lady of the light fantastic–loved yr drawings – i think you cl be a Billy friend and hand them in some sort of creation on the 23 March??????????????

    will get address you request shortly x x xooox x x

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