My first song

22 Mar

The following is a song that billy and I wrote together while we were in Brazil, at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, the middle of Brazil.

I was going through a period of … self loathing sounds overly dramatic, yet are the words I chose at the time to express my state of heart and mind. Essentially, the energies and entities of the Casa were shining a light on all my gunk, those grimy shadows we like to keep a lid on. I wasn’t seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ever gracious, the universe conspired to send a guitar into our lives (thanks Henry) and I was up and writing my poetry again to the sounds of billy strumming. Within hours, I wrote a poem called “I’ll be yours” and billy put it to song.

For the first time I could *hear* the song before it was composed and asked billy if he’d allow me to sculpt it. I’m always fond of collaborative efforts, but usually there’s a fine line between “my stuff” (lyrics) and “his stuff” (singing). The art of sculpting billy’s song-writing independence and free-form flow can be said to have added a new dimension to our relationship 🙂

So recently a friend of ours offered to record us using his low-fi analogue recording equipment. Ever smiling and gracious, Peter sat with us on our first ever joint recording. It’s very exciting to see something tangible happen to all the poems I’ve been writing. YAY.

So here is that offering:

I’ll be yours by satsinging

And there’s more to come… we just need a favourable wind to blow.


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