songs end

29 Jun

You and I adore each other
we will always meet heart
to heart what ever distance
comes and goes

I love how you are touched
by my words and how you cry
for the love that aches
to be expressed

And you remember the stillness and clarity
in our connection, and wonder
how the communion between your heart
and head ever stole your attention

It’s all so clear; a deep knowing
of what is to be done and accepting
the innate struggle that threatens
to tear you in two

In the moment after my song
  before we open our eyes and look
into each other’s hearts
we are transformed

My heart is exposed and you
fill it with utter acceptance
Your heart is open and I
fly in so glad to be there

it is a little moment
where we are transformed
like the old and new of us
sit together in total recognition


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