it is that kind of a love story (June 2010)

6 Jul

it’s the type of love story
where you’re happy in love
and there’s no reason
to leave

your soul is screaming
you away
as the chilly whisper

and because you aren’t
conscious or brave
you act in a manner
that brings you shame

and a hunt begins
so far away and deeply
within, to allow you to redeem
or balance the pain

and in your stubbornness
a miracle healer
skirts around the plot
subtly plucking away your beliefs

and life

it is that kind of a love story


what happens when love
is defined by someone else
and dreams are made
in the eyes of a beholder

what happens when faith
becomes entwined
with a sated soul
and someone else
wants something else

what happens when god
intervenes and then lets
us ride our way back

what happens when every
passage and message
from yesterday threatens to sink
in a harbour we once called home

what happens when …

it is that kind of a love story


it is the absence of
it is the unknown quantity
it is the shattering of god

and with it, faith and hope
where love is not
there is not peace

there is survival
and an attempt to play
the game, however odd

and frustrating it may seem
there are new questions
and new fantasies

arise to keep comfort
the lonely aloneness
and there is a new colour

in love, a sisterhood
kind of texture
sitting comfortably in bed

late into the night
hearing all her voices
and delighting in her own power

it is in the absence of man
that I allow
man and god to be disowned

it is that kind of a love story


life returns to life
a damaged heart returns
to the play that eroded
her purity

there is only space for open
secrets and growling
the might of ancient fires
into wet wounds

life returns to life
in a healing so orchestrated
in clockwork and grace
and grace unfolds

her purity back to herself
comforting kisses
allow for the massive
transformation as

love returns to life
sacred heart
opening, yes

it is that kind of a love story


there is no definition for
what I call love
in this story
it’s beyond my recognition
of relationship
it is now only a deep
space to inhabit
with a wonky seat
that I fall off
time and time again

it is that kind of a love story


an unrecognisable quantity
becomes a known quality
like mittens or slippers
finding it not so odd without their pair

but finding it comforting to be
keeping a hand or foot warm
knowing their purpose is served
and serving altogether

a divine light
(even in the harsh glare)
the comfort of being
and the glare of being

allows the intimate
to become the divine
allows the individual
to shine and merge

a complex alchemy;
creative and creation
not quite synonymous

it is that kind of a love story


One Response to “it is that kind of a love story (June 2010)”

  1. tygadiaries July 6, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    Beautiful 🙂

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