the billows of the mind (1 Aug 2010)

27 Aug

the billows of the mind
  and there are many

are a subtle refinement
  of all muscles

poised and holding
  speech, memory, anticipation

and the visualisation
  of this

the billowing of the organ notes
  flutter out in subtle ease

a terrace of trees
  caught in a breeze

Mediterranean washing hanging
  in the courtyard window

a bee coming to check out the pollen
  of a tiny bud, of a tiny bud

dissolving into the eyelids
  far gazing horizons

spaciousness held
  by a wafting tone.

And when has that muscle
  the organ mind and all its notes

relaxed, ever, dropped wind from sail
  dropped cargo of letters and

leftover love, risen skyward
  for the free fall tumble

everything. When has it stopped, if only
  to allow the backstage pass

on the inner most subtle workings
  to view, heels relaxing to the floor

  (finding support there)
and the best view in town

  not in the clock tower, not the cataloguers
tower, nor the ivory tower

it is immediately in front of
  closed eyelids

  the warm air at your nostrils


One Response to “the billows of the mind (1 Aug 2010)”

  1. Jingle August 27, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    billows of mind,
    love the way you play with words.
    beautiful poem!

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