The Oil Spill (17 July 2010)

27 Aug

Perhaps my body knows this better than I
an intelligence outside
my mind, yet electric in proximity
an eloquent story teller
who crafts the motif with the material
at hand; like skin, troubled
blistered in fact, psoriasis
hitting a funk
the autoimmune hitting a funk
like it’s cool to stay out
to all hours of the morning
instant gratification?
over indulging?
a sensitive thing, skin
aggravated easily by environmental
friction, sweat and stress

My body tells the story
better than I; how the oil spill
seeps up my leg
unobliged to stay skin-deep
and coming from somewhere
deep and desperate
a silver sheen
breaking into pieces
breaking skin like silent explosions
and the marshland could be affected
the spawning grounds could be affected
the fragile wetlands could be affected
and I want compensation
for buying these genes
and I want someone to be accountable
for getting us all addicted

My body knows this better than I
this earth is a living organism too
and we share pain
like we share needles and drills
digging for more
surveying a treasure
like a one-night-stand
offering sticking plasters
for a soul
and spilling oil for attention
like a carefully orchestrated revolution


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