shame (30 Aug 2010)

8 Sep

dust kicked up
  is that where you look?
or do you see, despite the grit
in your eyes, the amorphous
being that makes you cry
         you know a glimpse
is all that’s needed of shame
it’s a drowning character
  of led weights
         if you’re willing
to name it and let it claw
at you for the second
it takes to find its name
and let too your ego scream
seriously let it wail
(just don’t defend)
         then, and only then
  the quality of shame dissolves
because it can only exist
  without a name
or any other close inspection
         it just can not hold itself
  without your consent
(which is always coveted
  and assumed)
so feel it pull away and
  let it pull away
(for a moment you will feel
damn yourself with tears
  in the process and
burst through like you are
following that concocted story
to its own end. Shame is a peculiar
death, because it never in fact


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