I see, I remember, I image (Aug 2010)

20 Oct


I trust the sun will rise
of course I do
a big hill like Paekakariki
can only be a shadow
for so long

it must harbour light, and
I see the sun must blush
in embarrassment
for appearing late


I couldn’t find my way
out of bed
past the church
a spire steals the skyline
a tree steals a silhouette

nor could I find
a suitably grand entrance
like the one you keep
(you remember; golden arches)


God’s Fingers
pointing to Kapiti
a lone gull
gliding through stillness –

and all I can do
is roll you over
in bed and say something
a thousand times, like
Thank you


imagine the tui

their heaven full of praise, each song
one word of admiration
so personal, and


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