gate-keeper (3 Aug 2010)

13 Nov

Has it ever struck you
that the bells and lights
– intermittent though they are –
and the robotic arm
accompanying many a rumble
is an interloper
  from …
indeed … where from?

It strikes me
you have a gate-keeper
who, strangely, sounds like
a librarian trying to get attention
as an MC at a smokey RSA

don’t ask me why – because I also
imagine her in a red polka dot
dress, A-lined, and wearing
dirty glasses.

Yes it strikes me,
she’s a main-trunk line guardian,
and this guardian of yours
has a clear preference
  an artistic bent –

she paints pebbles and fences
picks wild clover
and clucks like her hens
she scrambles her eggs, not boils
and wears gumboots that go slosh
  not squeak, yes

to pass through
  is easy
she is ever welcoming
but it is altogether another thing
to stay –

to stay within the arms
  of this gate-keeper
means something larger
than a fall outside of life
or a diversion from State Highway 1

This gate-keeper
is an interloper
blown in from high.
I can hear her.
She says change-change-change-change

Changing your view
means changing your life –
let it be known;
she doesn’t return everybody.
Some will never leave.


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