instinct (Sept 2010)

14 Nov

take a look, it’s a massive spine
or a back bone that could have
a rib cage, except the DNA

is empty, empty cages
  swamped by the sea
truncated nerve endings

where the messages got lost
– or severed –

because there’s not a green leaf left
not even a branch
to hang a thought off

and the roots want to hold
something – the grasp is still there –
the longing from end to end

the tapering to an angel
    on top
that decorates Christmas

 But this spine or trunk … it lies at its end

And at its end, and ours,
is one
little bit of life

pineal in shape and dexterity
and connected to the gut
of all things

That gland flits
in the wind and the moon and hides
behind the carbon copy of modern life

If I were a powerful man
who wants to control
minds, I would chop that gland out and off

or encase it in concrete
and fizzy drinks –
anything that deadens our nature

because that little thing, left
slightly green
beacon of life

is instinct, thinking for itself.


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