Stars (Sept 2010)

14 Nov

Who’s seen the stars?

Like this: a total mass
of Christmas wrapping paper

crinkled into the shape of it’s offering
the matter gone, spherical and elongated.

A banana beanbag seen inside out
and all the beans floating

in their static
electric dance.

Holding no reflection

Barracked to the city
it is not often I am able

to align a dark night, a dark place
and a wakeful mind.

By chance, a forest, a new moon
a slim version of her ample figure.

She can hold no reflection, none.
The light of day concealed

and wonderfully
an entire universe glitters for tonight.

This one star

There is a downstream from here
a corridor view of the sea

This bit of landscape marooned in black
were it not for Venus, almost orange

casting a reflection so long into the sea
desiring only to dissolve

in its own

Onto the sky

A dull pulse of skyward light
new moons in the city

are dark nights
of thickening shadows.

From a distance
the city isn’t dark at all

it bleeds a dim backlight
onto the sky

and that is the direction of many
hundred thousand sleeps.


From my perspective of sea
and coast and mountains

that dim city light throbs
low on the horizon.

And I am quietly impressed
how disorientated I continue to be

with such obvious landmarks
as stars and mountains and coastlines

all there to guide me
though not necessarily home.


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