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night come day come night come day (14 Nov 2010)

4 Dec

I want to walk
  there will be soft clothes

I’ll look serene
  my hair will be down
   and wild

I’ll see you
   a sadness will overtake me

never has my heart
  glowed like this
   like I’d swallowed the moon

and you the sun
  I will fall
   like rain

on the earth I am her puddle
  her splash of sorrow
   her white gown shifting like a cloud

and I am wanting
  to be held, to be opened
   to be stolen

by night come day come night come day

I want to be held
  I want to be lifted
   from this world

I didn’t put veils on my
  wedding gown
   but imagine lifting them

each one
  each layer
   and lifting my dress

each petal
  and then you gather such strength
   such lust

for the stars and me
  and you want to take us home
   to find the star dust in me

you want to hold your tongue
   and catch the milk of the moon

you want to lick my thighs
  and remind me I’m human
   and lost

you want to lift the very last veil for me
  you want to take us
   into every space

come night come day come night come day

you want
  to show me
   where no thing resides


in my dreams (14 Nov 2010)

4 Dec

you met me last night
you’re a father now
and a husband
these new fields

you love the overgrown
lands outside the city
you’re a wonderer
and I wondered

I travelled the night
and found you
passing the tests of grace
I recognised you

sitting on the floor
with your wife and child
and a simple affection
  stole me

I touched your hand
and found your eyes kind
like the first time
how did you find me? you ask

I didn’t, I answer
night time gives us paths
and our dreams follow them
like they were our palms

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