into my belly (5 Feb 2011)

7 Mar

I slipped out of my skin
last night I danced
like my love and I
were one

I danced into my reflection
turning a spotlight on
and there my shadow
pulsed and waved with the wall

I turned the window to night
I danced as a naked spirit
I danced the naked shaman
into an instrument, a tongue

learning the language
of never spoken
like deeply set secrets
embodied in hips and elbows and breasts

show me what it looks like to be free

I danced with the moon a small sliver
I danced the clouds silver
I danced myself awake into the black
into the plump of my hips

I danced in my light
I danced in de- light
I found the source of the dance
and the base

left a wake of white fingers
crossing my belly,
I could have …
a child
  in there

I’m naturally
like I’m three months carrying
a seed

I dance the rounded belly
full of power
golden stream
my strength

and one divine
standing alone
this immaculate passion

I feed from the stars
I dance the rounded belly
by my self.
It is full.


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