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you speak of truth (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you speak of truth
like someone had written it
on the back of your hand

I wish I could draw the galaxy there
so you would know truth
is not a set of words

but the space between
every cell and star
as they rest


hurts (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you want to know what hurts me?

it’s those masks you wear
it is your definition of naked

it is the blinkers on your eyes
your rose-tinted glasses

it’s the number of veils you wear
and won’t let me lift

it’s the escaping out of your body
when I need you here

it’s not believing a lotus
can grow out of mud

What is my exile?
It is this!

in this marriage (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

there is so much love
not embodied

against its death (09 March 2011)

30 Apr

daughter, it’s heavy to hold that word
the way society would like me to

husband/wife, I have found a thousand
different sandcastle formations

to bring this to life –
and still it slaps round

like a fish seized from the water
struggling against its death

death (09 March 2011)

30 Apr

the smell of death
like a still wind
like a southerly front
out at sea

and the breadcrumbs
thrown to the seagulls
like it is a banquet

and the breadcrumbs
mean nothing

they’re just leftovers

closed (09 March 2011)

30 Apr

heart stopping
seams ripping

a life is bigger
than all those

of not being together

my heart is too big
for all those No’s

view (22 March 2011)

27 Apr

static waterfall
dance of plumage
white flowering
for the forest to take over

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