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enquiry (13 March 2011)

23 May

ask me what’s here
and I will tell you
how naked life is


uncertainty (13 March 2011)

23 May

I am standing
on the precipice

the tidal wave is slower
than you think
but the momentum

the momentum … how is it
that chaos sounds so deep
like the earth

the earth shifted
into a completely new

I remember the first time
death met me –
losing a best friend

can make a religion crumble
and all prayers

efforting (13 March 2011)

2 May

what an effort to hold you
in a certain light and way

how you fall short
every time

the slow pulse (11 March 2011)

2 May

I am yielding to the pulse
that does not bolt out the door

an avalanche use to make tracks here
but I am sensing the glacial shift

holding the land together
for the time it takes to melt

I do not (11 March 2011)

2 May

as soon as you said

I do not

I relaxed
my gut had already told me
before you could

unspoken prayer (11 March 2011)

2 May

every cell I ever knew
has lost its voice

and every molecule of energy
is holding on

to that unspoken prayer

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