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I do (21 June 2011)

21 Jun

what lies down
as a part of me

lies down tonight
as a part with you

yet all that changes
as I die and live on the breath
of I do

all that changes
is the rose-fire

finding its course
and signalling to all earth
all heaven

that life is worth
my whole soul to

I die and live on the breath
of I do


don’t know (21 April 2011)

11 Jun

and even my pen
has lost its ink

to have and to hold (21 April 2011)

11 Jun

to have an idea
and hold it
is too fragile

even for a wedding ring

surrender (10 April 2011)

11 Jun

all I can do is move

the unknown

ended (04 April 2011)

11 Jun

Daylight savings ended
So did my marriage

momentum (03 April 2011)

11 Jun

it’s up to you
because I’ve been sitting still
for so long
and the momentum

the momentum behind me
has built to a point
that this decision
this decision that you

avoid and hide from
is going to thrust me
and you together
or wide wide apart

awoke my pain (02 April 2011)

7 Jun

I wanted to tell him
I knew what he was going through
but I couldn’t

because I’ve never wanted to kill myself

my stories are insignificant
and yet, when I finally said
I know all these feelings

he paused in his descent
he ripped himself from his gloom
he stared at me

and awoke my pain

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