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uncertainty (13 March 2011)

23 Aug

I am standing
on the precipice

the tidal wave is slower
than you think
but the momentum

the momentum … how is it
that chaos sounds so deep
like the earth

the earth shifted
into a completely new

I remember the first time
death met me –
losing a best friend

can make a religion crumble
and all prayers


enquiry (13 March 2011)

23 Aug

ask me what’s here
and I will tell you
how naked life is

wary (23 March 2011)

23 Aug

I’m exhausted
from my creations
of worthlessness

_________ (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

emptiness is my heart

enormous is my emptiness

once loved (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

please touch me
and remember
we once loved

you walk away (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

why do you tread so lightly
in that direction
and I so heavily?

hope (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

I want to believe
that you want me

I want to believe
this ring, given, was not some whimsical

symbol. Instead,
Death is the symbol

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