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each wave strikes me (17 July 2011)

30 Sep

I ran to the edge, boulders
marking safe from peril

I slipped down the face
momentum dropping me

near the white cracks of sea

white is a colour
that looms from darkness

those fingers reach out

those hands could grab my feet
taking me

taking everything from me

I am the scream
that cannot echo

amongst the waves, sound

each wave strikes me
I feel the pull of death


wreaked (16 July 2011)

30 Sep

nowadays when I go for a run
I run to the bay
where the ships
wreaked themselves on the rocks

it was a common scene
back then, some made it
some didn’t. I wonder
when the lighthouse got built…

I run to this bay because the quarry
got shut down
and now the naked cliffs
are slightly gorged

and it feels ok to scream

sea and sky upside down (16 July 2011)

29 Sep

this new heaven
bumpy and accelerated

white frothy isobars
changing like my moods

this new ocean grey and calm
or moody, what sits beneath

is above and
I forgot to let the ladder fall

land hovers

waiting for gravity
to adjust

this taiaha (07 July 2011)

29 Sep

I wield this stick
this taiaha
you have no business here
on my heartland

I strike you down
there is nothing left

… you reappear, fully formed

I take the taiaha
I spear your life
a great thwack
(the same sound
as road kill)

I strike again
your heart, groin, your
knees, ankles

you have no life here
in my heartland
I turn away, and

you reappear, fully formed …

sauhain (07 July 2011)

29 Sep

there’s nothing left here
I promise
we did a fine job
of torching
everything we held dear
between us

to start again
is the sunrise after
a timid light
that beckons
death as life

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