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city of eden (12 Aug 2011)

14 Oct

I am the city of eden
I built it all
to be a most fantastical

space, I believed it
was bigger than me
more robust, more substantial

than my existence, it was
an idea that carried
my inner sanctum

I gave it all the gravity
it needed to exist

I gave it everything
and when the tree dropped
it’s apple; my city of eden

the whole universe disappeared


city gale (12 Aug 2011)

13 Oct

I am walking
city gale
my eyes sting
red, my lungs
are screaming
a pack of dogs

strangers can’t see
the wind whipping
through me
killing the animal
that learnt how to love
and live in these streets

death meets us (12 Aug 2011)

13 Oct

I know death will meet us
in various guises
like cancer
or lies
or betrayal

at night (10 Aug 2011)

13 Oct

at night I can hear the stream
it pulls me back
no matter where I go
in my head

in my head
there is always the swirl and froth
or languid passing
of liter and debris

everything is on a journey
over clouds, we try to fly
always the sunrise disappears
or never ends

when I leave, when I leave
I hear my thumping heart
I feel my beating head
at night

if the stream were to stop talking
the ocean would know
its death

contract (Aug 2011)

7 Oct

What contract did your soul sign
that wanted to hurt me so much?

what love did I need
that could penetrate so deep?

melt down (01 Aug 2011)

7 Oct

I stuff a scarf into my mouth
and a pillow into my face
I don’t want to alarm the neighbours

everything is wet by the end

stranger (01 Aug 2011)

2 Oct

I can not lay this pain

I heave and I heave
for one breath of peace

I am on the floor
beside the toilet

the full length mirror in front

and when I look at her

I am the stranger
to all that is before me

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