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you walked away (Oct 2011)

3 Mar

here’s some song lyrics I wrote a few months ago, but just found yesterday. It reflects where I was back then …

you walked out before you even tried
you told me all along
you need to be alone
you need the lone heart
to be your true self, you ….
you told me all along
that you could never be
intimate again
it doesn’t suit you
you lied you lied
you walked out before you ever tried
you took my friend for the ride
she and you, one long dream
I want to wake up
to know you wouldn’t lie to me
promising what you can not promise
dropping me like a line
you didn’t even try
to understand yourself
your anger threw me away
I walked on shards of glass
I walked broken egg shells
you walked away
you lied
you took my friend
you took my life

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