I love writing about experiences that move or shift my consciousness in some way, so I thought the perfect stomping ground for me would be to write about the retreats and workshops I’ve been on. In one instance I got commissioned to write a piece, which took an unusual slant to my natural writing process, I loved the challenge of it though, and realised that I want to do more of this… Ye-ah! Just putting it out to the Universe 🙂

» Oceana, from Byron Bay, asked me to write an article about her tantra retreats that Billy and I went on when on our honeymoon.

» I became a finalist then wrote about my reflections on hope inspired by a poetry competition (hosted on the yoga lunchbox)

» In response to some set homework by a yoga course I did called “Off the Mat“, I wrote an article about exposing myself to the news (hosted on the yoga lunchbox)

» After a 5 day silent retreat, hosted by Stephen Archer, I wrote a poem called Make room to be present that allowed me to sense my way into the present. (hosted on the original nature website)

» After attending a workshop with meditation teacher, Peter Fernando, I wrote a story that explores what it is to live with an open heart, I called this piece Equanimity and the dying mouse (hosted on the yoga lunchbox)

» I share my experience of completing 108 sun salutation at Global Mala Wellington 2010. How being kind to myself helped me do 108 sun salutations at Global Mala Wellington (hosted on the yoga lunchbox)

» As part of Blog Action Day 2010: Water, I said yes to writing an article for Yoga Lunchbox about water as it relates to yoga. The writing process mirrored the content!

» After attending a series of Satsang with spiritual teacher, Gangiji, I sought to clarify my experience once her words had integrated into my life. The following articles are my reflections at a tumultuous point in my life. (hosted on the Yoga Lunchbox)

» I wrote an article that I thought would appeal to a wider audiance, particularly to those contemplating, but resisting the idea of practicing yoga. This article tells my story on making peace with a couple of yoga ideals… I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. (hosted on the Yoga Lunchbox site)

I am now officially an author and regular contributor on the Yoga Lunchbox website.


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