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Third eye chakra (15 Feb 2010)

17 Feb

I enter into Marriage
Of course there is a love story
That pre-dates the event

With recognition and clarity

But of greater soul strengthening
Is the journey into facing Everything
Whatever arises can be met

Here in this union. It is the most
Unaccustomed scape of my heart
An emotional expedition into

Mud and dust and grime and sticky cemeteries
I stand in front of a mirror so vast
That the world falls into it

This one man has the capacity
To show me the best and worst
And recognise in my hours of loathing

Or pettiness that you’re not being you
In this moment, but I still love you

It is endless

The love. The awakening. The deeper
And deeper clearing out
Of all that is untrue

We lie down together, willing to meet
This and that and discover
What is really here – it is usually defended

By more anger, hiding from some
Sort of self hatred. It is tiring to indulge it
Or dramatise it, it is softer

To open to it, return to the pain
Where hurt is met without
The addition of our story

(it’s not always easy)

We have chosen a conscious marriage
To discover our raw naked heart
and what is the eternal unhurt love



I wonder (3 Feb 2010)

8 Feb

and I wonder
what it means to play the game
what it means to know my name

what it means to be found
and I wonder
how it feels

to be seen as it is
in life that combines
our dreams to real life

and I wonder how it feels
to be an open mind
to send and receive

with clear pure line
how the channel speaks my name
how the earth spends my time

how the sky sets the stars
to remind me of my way

flow (30 Jan 2010)

8 Feb

I just met an extra terrestrial
(that sounds so sensational)
indeed the sensation

had me sitting next to you
wanting to know you
  further than your name

wanting to know how you
came to be
  in a woman’s body

in a man’s voice
on a suicide pact
that failed and here you are

talking with a small wry smile
talking about the sensations of sound
you call it a new language

you call me to speak from my heart

I feel sad as I utter my hopes
I am unable to tell you
what makes me tick, these words

are inadequate, a contradiction –
the distance between meaning
and sounds become vague and invested stories

you ask me to try Kojsh
  the language you learnt
to speak to your goddess

the source of all, the light
that brought you in to being.
You lead; confident, self contained

lying on your back
and out you breathe, throwing
your limbs with the sound

it’s playful; you are earnest
I want to talk with you (and her)
so I lie back and breathe and stretch

out my reply; short, punctuated
crisp, like my gesture
– this helps you say

You lead; moving your limbs out slower
your language trots through
that space. I follow; my arms

flowing, my sound breathing
and now introducing my self.
You speak again, clicks

inhabiting syllables and glottal
stops pregnating the sound.
My hands conduct this

language, hitting a bubble of
laughter. We are talking!
I am talking more likely a truth

that meets no contradictions, language
that is not squeezed through
a tiny channel in my brain

this language has no attached
meaning – only
I understand that I am passing

information; the important stuff
like there’s a complete
auto-biology that I wear, and it is asking

for expression from within
by way of service; a contribution
to all efforts in raising life’s vibration

let me be of value

something like that is transmitted
through my conducting hands
my swirling signal of sound

while the tears loosen
  in my eyes. You take my hand
You understand

You tell me my way
  of existence is to arrive
where time is art and not money


In the freedom of our life
long conversation, I think I
sent my first totally unattached

prayer; a prayer in the
language of angels where
no-words are a flow of sound

the sound of creation
feeling oh so tangible
and so immediately creative

inner peace (24 Jan 2010)

8 Feb

the falling leaf
of inner peace
is destined to land

deep (14 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

I am profoundly affected
only you don’t know
  you didn’t know

something deep inside
  detangles itself – collapses

you are toning, low earth notes
you are gifting Earth Mother’s
  vibration into my heart

I feel so … Held
  held in touch
  held in safe surrender

to the space existing between
  our bellies
  and own hearts’ opening

you are toning and I am in
  deep surrender, thank you
  for holding the space open

only … you don’t know
nothing has sounded from
  my lips, nothing is happening

in front of you, and you pull
  away, feeling unmet, feeling
I am holding on or holding back

an impatient stirring pulls you
  and in that movement
I am birthed and abandoned

I am shockingly naked
disorientated by aloneness
  something went wrong

  I am separate
  I am cold and burnt
  I am wombless

all agony surfaces
and I cry, loud and
  belly felt

I am a sight which you hold
You circle me again
The way Earth Mother always is

and I am rebirthed

getting it true (14 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

can you say thank you, I ask
     (that’s not it)
are you hearing me, I correct
     (that’s still not it)

I want to be noticed, I state
     (this is getting closer)
I want to feel desirable, I cry

I’m scared of her
she asks so much of me
she takes up all my energy … and …

  I want to make love in every moment
  I want to make love WITH every moment

Thank you for letting me get it true

walk with me, alone (7 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

wake up she calls
she calls me forward
see what I can create, with you
in a twilight thought for rest
in your power to manifest

walk with me alone

see with your soles
  touching me
naked toes resting and kissing
  the earth
lightly caress the air of existence
lightly feel my insistence

walk with me alone

for you, simply you
rest your mind, leave it behind
as a ripple on a still lake
leave it behind
and descend into my womb of creation
let me know your elation

walk with me alone

you know how sacred I am
you kneel and bow to my tree
you lie in my roots, hearing my hum
I AM Great Mother Earth
You are singing and remembering this
  magical birth

walk with me alone

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