Sometimes I write poems that want to be songs. And while I sadly don’t possess the wonder of musical talent to bring this into fruition, happily, I have many friends who do. I love hanging out in this creative space, and to encourage more of that space around me, I am assigning specific poems to friends, and watching what unfolds in their care.

Because this magic is not in my grasp; I attend to their creations with wonder and unabashed adoration and feel so deeply honoured that my words fall into their musical attention. Thank you dear freinds.

A kind of project

Wouldn’t it be great to record all these songs? hmmm, if only I knew how, or could get access to someone who does… In the meantime; I see this as one of those serendipitous projects, that will complete itself in its own timing.

There are promising signs that this isn’t some distant daydream; a couple of very lovely home made recordings are available. I LOVE them!

» I’ll be yours by Satsing (Billy and Aly) » read the lyrics

» Break my heart by Dharmadaso » read the lyrics

» Sisterhood by Linda Joy » read the lyrics

and (I hope, with a bit of subtle prodding) there are songs in the waiting from Josh, Levity and Tyag…

What a treat!

For mine and Billy’s wedding, our dear friend Linda Joy wrote a song for us and performed it on the day. Here is her beautiful song, written and performed by Linda Joy.

Linda Joy’s website can be found at:


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