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abadiania (19 Jun 2006)

7 Aug

dark night, full moon
and what brought you here they ask
I don’t know, I don’t know

any more than the moon can know
  my reason
why in all twelve cycles

I choose one above another
maybe Jesus sent me
(I’d never say that

that’s my mother speaking)
I’d say the universe

– dream jeopardy –
lust and want and longing

I’d say angels
  found me
wanting more travel than

a continent, an ocean
  could lend
to me a journey of proportions

  space within space
  heart within heart


silence (6 Jul 2006)

7 Aug

standing there
it’s not a life

possum creek (4 Aug 2006)

7 Aug

Possum Creek
run away

unusual weather
as thick fog and monsoon rains

veil the view with thick speech
cover the ancestral basins

Possum Creek
  lift the dead
souls and open the valleys

misted early by sadness
but tendered at last
  by the light of lights

Possum Creek retreat
haven fed by rain
bless the harvest

drink wine from this grove
tendered by daybreak
  and by hand

smile (23 Sep 2006)

7 Aug

I can smile at you
in the photos I have
where a garden and I

blur into the background
yeah I can wish blessings had
been distributed differently

and timing reallocated

I can smile at you
in your garden of dreams
I can, in all honesty

wish the weeds away
and will my words
  to form a blessing

to you and the heart you choose

an angry man (10 Dec 2006)

7 Aug

I can’t write of an angry man
(that’s who you say you are)
I can’t write how the fire

  (dark shadows)
  flares and snarls
  about vengeance

  and justice
and becomes the intense

You know you are searching
  don’t you
You know that who you
  really are

is who you feed
and your home
  is what your eyes build

You know your dreams
  can bring you back
  as pen to paper

  as fingers to guitar
what you let go of (it wasn’t stolen)
  is already with you

(and that is what you are searching for)

new years eve (31 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

good night (new years) eve
you have sent me
  to a new home

every spring cleaned corner
dusted for a new
mirror and light

offerings of tenderness

calm me for this new year
journal a love story
  round my thighs

stroke my belly new year
and kiss eve and eve and eve
my ready soul

let my shadows go!

away (28 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

Do I miss you?
like a skipped heartbeat
my rhythm thrown
and then life carries on

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