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palm reader (31 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

how does your guidance play out
asks my palm reader
all I can say is, I follow

my excitement, and a
confirmation will come along
– there isn’t really a sense

of right or wrong decisions;
  only the perfect choice
it is always the most appropriate

my palm reader says
I have a destiny; for you
he says, surrender to your

guidance – it is spontaneous
which is under-developed

  in the service of others
your gift will extend as you
extend your self to others


speaking truth (31 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

this pain is the pain of Separation
the question that expands all
that asks us to enquire

  who is watching you
   feel all this
so quickly empties my mind

my mind does not ask
I put it to my heart
and it reaches out

  and finds nothing

it returns home from
  an empty land
and finds no peace

as I speak it, I feel only
agitation at how much
  is untouched by words

nothing I say comes close
  to Truth

my vivid self (30 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

India, from this distance
distorts noise
  cracking chants

  sacred static
I’m feeling unsettled
I want to turn it all off

everything I say
the real

even my story
is disorientating
(does writing make me more vivid?)

I feel, and when I feel
the existence of my self
is validated

who is it that is observing me?

I feel, therefore I am

Tiru scape (27 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

Indian air creates a soft light
for setting suns
a dust eclipse and golden halo
for eyes to be still or blind

thank god for no static
only the ballet of humping toots
snoring sirens, guttering metal
coughing into motion
and sneezing bells

a kind of impatience but not at all listless

the overlaps are flirting
with every sound and space
it appears constant
space appears to be full

not chaotic, just complete
I move in and around
through and through

perfection (25 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

I am still in the think of my story
it’s like going up to some
great learned saint of consciousness

and chanting “I am Love. I am Love”
in the hope that he will see me as Love
only… he sees perfection

he sees the mirror of himself
my desire to be seen
(at all, but specifically in a particular light)

is completely redundant
for when I went up to hug this guru
I didn’t fall apart as some do

I didn’t even quake in ecstasy
(I watched someone shake a kundalini
current just standing in front of him)

no… I feel quiet
and equal

I had an impulse to purr in his ear
but the hug smoothed me into his
neck and there I was, fully embraced

he turned his head slightly
and purred

and all I could think, is Yes!

my year without christmas (25 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

it might not be celebrated
but it’s certainly not ignored
it is the chance for every

local to smile their brightest smile
and wish me a merry Christmas
I am not celebrating this year

it just didn’t turn out that way
I mean, I signed up for a banquet
and then stood the party up

I ended up sitting for hours
at the foot of a mountain
and a guru

he says that a mirror doesn’t need
to be in the right mood
to reflect

it just does

I leave the gathering
and have no compulsion
to join the Christmas celebrations

beautiful words (24 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

I have a limited view
so close my eyes
and am surprised

I feel this subtle wisdom
as vibrations
in all the empty spaces

words are rolling over me
I am pinned to the wall
of a life craft in choppy seas

in every pause for breath
I experience a lull
of movement

no matter
how honest or poetic or
pure the words

no matter who they fall from
I am the man gasping
for salvation, outstretched arms

ashen face. As if there is hope
just beyond my reach
I long to be still

I long for silence
to be the Unmoving
  or to move with Everything

I recognise these beautiful words

and can not touch them

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