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summer solstice (21 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

she’s reaching for her shadow
pulling it as a veil slowly
slowly covering her shine
the veil touches her womb
and stained red
it bleeds darkness into the night

I come to see her awaken
to reflect her light
to see her silver sickle grow
and the shadow of blood wane

I see her in the water
broken cascades of silver
as each wave holds her up
as each wave rolls in

I open and she opens
a sickle turning to a basin
the basin overflowing
into the roundness of a fertile belly

the red shadow has gone
the goddess arrives
it is her time
the pink quartz crystal
softening the surrender into
our own shadow


silence (11 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

if I could give you something
it would be a gently pressed finger
to your lips

you’re full of stories
they catapult you through life

I want you to know
I love your ways

and I want you to know
that when I still your lips
it is because I revere silence
as god

my place (11 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

the wind has a beat
the house a drone
the birds use it as a blackboard

we sit on the floor as students

noise (11 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

I’ve taken you out of your house
and into mine
there’s no radio, no tv

I don’t ask you how you are
because I know you are full
of noise

this is why we are together
I know what it’s like to have something
life can be defined by

And I know too you want to find
boundless moments

off centre (17 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

there’s no centre from here
a rope tightens
and my throat burns
bile in my breath
old ideas, the fumes of past relationships
I inhale the
hooded insanity carved into words
and strung round my neck
I am identifying with pain

the wheel (16 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

In the dust of his words, I feel

I feel churnings of sadness
gallop through my body
the ache of dry land.

I feel myself stand up
tired muscles from holding
yesterday together.

I feel … a wheel …
strong, wooden

reaching out
like they define an outer space

turning and experiencing
the ground, the sky
is ever-changing.

In his dust I feel it all.

I feel the earth and the sky separate
I feel the earth roll backwards
I feel the open earth

inviting the light in
I feel something warm and unyielding –
resting quietly

fairly unnoticed
a still point
a wheel turning the experience

I feel a finger hot as irons
point to my heart –
don’t let this close! she demands

digging (16 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

Yesterday I thought peace
lay at a depth that took
unceasing labour
to unfold

like a flower pealing back
a bulb finding light
a snake losing it’s skin

dying into a deeper shade of myself

When I went digging yesterday
I kept on uncovering
I kept on uncovering

I kept on uncovering

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