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what a joke (25 Jan 2008)

28 Feb

fuckin joke, grumpy as hell
how did I manage to constellate
such a boring hangover
  of a personality

Jesus! What a gip
I feel the stickiness in
Hardening into evidence

(proving my mind right)
  I barely feel
  I barely think
  I barely do

  I barely be
I’m subject to less than life
I don’t fit wholesomely anywhere
Gliding in leaving no impression

Why am I even here?
What can I possibly give!
I am no better than a satsang
Of grasping, dispearing seekers

I’m no better than the dull
Whitted questions from self
  Reinforced egoing
I’m the boring side of subtle

The unreceptive side of the moon
The dying light of has-been here
Is this me for this life?
Can I accept such a dreary bland path?

Projecting only humble love
To some sham more sham than me
The mountain, the mountain
What a crock. I don’t feel

A thing towards the mountain
I am inconsequential to this
I climb it
It thinks nothing of it

Oh, Ok, I’m not the doer
It comes to me and then
Ignores me


sad stones (16 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

I came down the mountain
for this?
to hear again

we are made of the same
stone; to build, shelter shade
and shine

but we are not made
of the same stone to bind
and stop time

ashram splendour (8 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

thank you that I am
here on the rooftops
that I sit in streets
of trees, sharing
their turning, their falling
watching them return
to the litter and
dust of street life

thank you that I can
make a nest, become a bird
and dance my song
to wash in the glorious
peacock green
this haven at my window
this gentle view that is
sometimes a mountain

still (7 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

in a garden of trees
still I am
a cell

a membrane from
a part of separation

climbing arunachalla (7 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

bare foot naked soul
walking still
and the mountain top comes

an earthly brown
centre like the molten
cosmos, rising to an early

dawn and the golden
spectacle that even
those sure footed mountain

goats pause to create
their pleasure, the devil
laughs a lusty light

procreation is a story
observance is a mountain
a seer is a bare foot naked soul

on the rock (25 Jan 2008)

4 Sep

on the rock
I chose this quiet
too, wanted that delicate

hatching of silence, to soften the
veils that enfold horizons
or egg shell mountains

to see vast sounds touching
beyond what I inhabit
(my thoughts are limited)

and as the view constricts
into shadows and deepness
(or deeper shadows)

I am lost
to the moon
to all notion of dreaming

what am I? (9 Jan 2008)

4 Sep

what am I
but the centre of my universe
a radiant illusion

of night time needing light
of secrets needing to be spilled
on shadows seeking home

of howling into my story
and walking into ruins
ignoring sleep

what am I
but someone awake in the dark
recognising how delirious I am

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