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sea and sky upside down (16 July 2011)

29 Sep

this new heaven
bumpy and accelerated

white frothy isobars
changing like my moods

this new ocean grey and calm
or moody, what sits beneath

is above and
I forgot to let the ladder fall

land hovers

waiting for gravity
to adjust


uncertainty (13 March 2011)

23 May

I am standing
on the precipice

the tidal wave is slower
than you think
but the momentum

the momentum … how is it
that chaos sounds so deep
like the earth

the earth shifted
into a completely new

I remember the first time
death met me –
losing a best friend

can make a religion crumble
and all prayers

in my dreams (14 Nov 2010)

4 Dec

you met me last night
you’re a father now
and a husband
these new fields

you love the overgrown
lands outside the city
you’re a wonderer
and I wondered

I travelled the night
and found you
passing the tests of grace
I recognised you

sitting on the floor
with your wife and child
and a simple affection
  stole me

I touched your hand
and found your eyes kind
like the first time
how did you find me? you ask

I didn’t, I answer
night time gives us paths
and our dreams follow them
like they were our palms

author (26 June 2010)

10 Jul

I called it a dismantling
and there’s an angel up there
  who knows the art
  of a good drama and
she calls it a deconstruction
  of character
(or she would if she didn’t
care). You call it a
collapse and it is perfect
like beliefs are such fragile
matchsticks and flames are
hungry for space, licking
their lips as identities disappear
  specifically yours
and it’s not a safe place to be
when you want control
or even a sense of it
I hope you fall gracefully
because big trees can be very stubborn
  under new winds

a common view on love (22 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

stayed love, entrenched love
common love grown in the
backyard with the cherry
  tomatoes and mushrooms

and when the sun asks
are you living fully
and totally as your seed

is this garden nourishing
a food chain of banquets
  and expressions that can flower
and pollinate whoever’s breath passes by

what will you say…
does the garden wall
  need moving
or do you wish to uproot it all?

from and to (4 July 2007)

25 Jul

snake skins and butterfly wings
dropping petals (evolve)

tree lines
impart your strength
and I will give you my

praise (song)
mountained valleys
deep green ravines

bowing presence of leaves
and leaves and rushing
wind, tall ever

green, ever here as a breath
saluting the fountain
of parchment and pen

of God and Knowledge
they are one (visionary)
my gift

from and to

the voice outside
our quiet, the voice inside
my silence

gold dust (24 Apr 2007)

18 Jul

dull aches; autumn leaves
and then the wind turns to
gold dust

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