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forgiveness (1 Nov 2009)

24 Jan

I was a little surprised
to see you could still fit
  in my heart

I thought you well and truly
those old I Love You’s

  seed deep, they never
actually leave, they never
intended to change my life

either. It’s a simple truth
  every love transforms
into itself again, the divine

holds and forgives
the deepest and silliest
  sorrows, yes this parched

heart can hold so much more
than I ever knew

to find you still here
(in my heart)
shows how truly vast love is


only as a name (03 Oct 2008)

17 Sep

who is this voice
you’re singing a story I wrote
you’re singing notes more familiar

than milk, than my memories
of you, Yes You

I don’t know how you come
only as a name
nothing more

a stranger to my life
I know nothing that brings you
alive, you come as a

broken neon sign
dully outlined and disappearing
at darkness

dreams are more vivid
and they fade quickly

in the heart of Australia (25 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

12 months and some days
or something there-abouts
(it’s a long time when repeating

the same line, the same voice
in my head) incessant desert flies
and midnight mosquitoes

wanting my ear and rote learning
a promised… a maybe, a message
about what could have

been too long feeding
and watering that heart so far
away from me

and the gap repeating
to degrees and scales that islands
become a continent, beaches

a heartland desert (yes, it’s exactly
as was intended) for me to be
here in the ritual of

fire, you are the emotional afterthought
that this very second I let go
go the Australian heart

her again (16 August 2007)

7 Aug

I confess my beauty
died, when you smiled
black hole so utterly you
the centre of his universe

as a result (11 May 2007)

25 Jul

I have grieved. I have learnt

the difference between a tear that
purges bitterness from my soul, and
the tear that forms itself

upon misery and self indulgence. I
understand the balance between
feeling sorry for myself, and feeling

grief deeply

I know these tears intimately

and understand from which
vein they arrived. I hope you know
that I gave myself


to feel these things
deeply, knowing always
I will pick myself

up, and grow my spirit
ever upwards

all aboard the winds (23 April 2007)

18 Jul

once (and now)
separated from that part
of me – I know them
well enough to ask

how it feels –
what thread of joy
and hope entwines
with the long long

days of patience

I know these lives
well enough to see
my self planting

the same pleasures and
pictures reaching out
fingers to touch
like they are my own

decisions, I heard
the coursing
words that are their silk
worlds that are their

amongst everything
I seek
in the trees

and birds
and flight
yes, this surrounds

my idea
of dreams – all aboard, the winds
may take my life

with this
now child you can
hear their dreams
come true

you’re not
far away
from seeing this
feeling for your self)

flower-blue (27 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

requited love
knows every desire
and tells me I’m a goddess
and my chest laughs

my lips blush
and my tongue
  says take me

but what pleasure is there
to carry on loving
that (heart) that no longer
  adores or longs for me

which petal is Hope
and which is Foolish

which is Steadfast
and which is
an insecurity

today I took the last
(I’ve lost count) petal
there is nothing more
  to loose

am I free (of you) yet?

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