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sisterhood (17 Sept 2007)

7 Aug

Thank you!
You are more than Wise Words
(that soothes corrugated minds

that lulls disturbed sleep)
You are more than the Ace of Hearts
dancing and receiving music

into our souls
You are more than the inspiration
to see ourselves fully

and potentially
with every ability within
(to heal, to council)

You are more than the infusion
of joy and song
that breaks wildly and spontaneously

at dawn, while night time is still awake
You are more than gentle
nurturing for every child

(that we are) and seek to remember
through your coloured pencils and

You are more than a sister to me

You are the thread, the making
of my celebration, from whatever distance
  We are tied


lines (9 Aug 2006)

11 Jun

You don’t know you’re in love
she says
You hold your hand

  out the way a palm
  reader would ask you to
I know you’re still seeking

  me in everyone you see
she says
Can you choose

  your life line
  your intersection
from being alone?

space again (1 Aug 2006)

11 Jun

It’s nothing personal;
on one level we have all
  the distance we need

and yet I need to break
a little something
  we have

  (I have with you)
  to gain my space

It’s not that you take
  from me
(I confess)

but I can’t eat
  or drink or sleep
I can’t walk these streets

  without (thinking of)

I keep telling myself
  we’re just not on the same page
that it’s a temporal tidal

  shift I’m waiting upon
once upon
  a time

There is much in my soul
that sings
    this tune

I know it by heart
  it must be so
  it must be so

I know this tune
some calypso chorale
  of love

i can see you (21 Mar 2006)

1 Jun

It’s a long way to the playing fields
I have the day-tripper pass
I have a seat by the window
and I can see you, I can see you

You are the vibrant colour of crayons
the bold lines of ink
yeah, you’ve got the balloon in your hand
and I can see you
more clearly than you think

You know if distance weren’t virtual
and my virtual more real
I would tease this moment so thoroughly
and so completely draw you near

For you are the vibrant colour of crayons
the bold lines of ink
yeah, this is a timeless preoccupation
more timeless than you think.

Yeah, I can see you, I can see you.

the burning light (November 2005)

13 Apr

I’m gulping breaths
like your life depends on it
you are the phantom

of my empty soul
star gazing on a cloudy night
you have nowhere to go

unless I carry you
this ache
the hot burning light

We were the soft notes
floating into night sky
a stranger’s solace

as he paused mid-step
his own memory rekindled
in a sigh, in a song

like the passive equilibrium
that aches
the slow burning light

Morning sun like midnight blue
I slept to awaken my path
– it’s different from yours

and I want you to see it first
to kiss me goodbye
and send me on my way

turning around
this ache –
the soft burning light

we are not alone
we are not the first
to start again the pendulum

don’t bury your soul
don’t swallow the emotional wave
honour what you must face

face our ache
and look toward
this burning light

splintered (August 2005)

2 Mar

Am I (w)holy possessed
  or in part

Am I fractured
  and consumed

for so long splintered
How do I see only one?

How is it that I long
  for both worlds
  for both (your) arms around me

This hold over me
I so dearly want to be
  with you

There is not a place in this world
that can consume me
  like you do

tonight (June 2005)

28 Feb

yes, tonight you’re on my mind
never mind that you’re not next to me
you’ve tended my soul with sweetness
translated language into poetry
and spun webs of delicate words
what would I do without you my muse?

And if I were to bump into you tomorrow
I think I would take your hand
and read every crinkle of your palm
I would ask when our lives would next intersect
but mainly I would just be content
  and touching
  and falling
in love we respect
this distance and our chosen lives

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