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holding on (06 June 2011)

16 Aug

it is a big day
a big occasion
and you have chosen to drink
the hemlock

because you have a tail of debris
like a burst stream
behind you, behind you you’re
carrying too much stuff

and I am holding on


in my dreams (14 Nov 2010)

4 Dec

you met me last night
you’re a father now
and a husband
these new fields

you love the overgrown
lands outside the city
you’re a wonderer
and I wondered

I travelled the night
and found you
passing the tests of grace
I recognised you

sitting on the floor
with your wife and child
and a simple affection
  stole me

I touched your hand
and found your eyes kind
like the first time
how did you find me? you ask

I didn’t, I answer
night time gives us paths
and our dreams follow them
like they were our palms

dreaming (19 Nov 2009)

26 Jan

I almost remember
  like there’s one note in a symphony
  remembered by the tuning fork

or there’s one poppy bought
  on rememberance day
  and all other flowers loose their name

there needs to be a motif
  in this dream
  that will wake me up

something that I can hold
because that dream remembers
  who I really am

a pointer that points
  at itself
is a potent symbol

I wake up thinking there’s something
to remember, something
is asking me to know my dream

most intimately

marriage (18 Oct 2007)

14 Aug

I want to challenge my soul
‘I want to collect more experiences’
she says. She is the mischievous

adventurer whom I love
but does this leave me
unavailable to

something constant and pure
and strong for a life
long connection, where a tree

like a dream, can be planted
watched over, where we seek
the sun and shade together

climbing, scrambling, growing and
seeding, blossoming and baring
naked children or truth

this is in my soul too, an
adventure within, peace within
the singing branches, advancing years

into wise and rich memories
travelling deeply to our hearts
and in there, being ever true

all aboard the winds (23 April 2007)

18 Jul

once (and now)
separated from that part
of me – I know them
well enough to ask

how it feels –
what thread of joy
and hope entwines
with the long long

days of patience

I know these lives
well enough to see
my self planting

the same pleasures and
pictures reaching out
fingers to touch
like they are my own

decisions, I heard
the coursing
words that are their silk
worlds that are their

amongst everything
I seek
in the trees

and birds
and flight
yes, this surrounds

my idea
of dreams – all aboard, the winds
may take my life

with this
now child you can
hear their dreams
come true

you’re not
far away
from seeing this
feeling for your self)

I dream this dream (08 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

surfacing sleep
awake my eyes
lull the conscious

say this fantasy
fond farewell
for it flutters
awake my eyes

now I lay
thee down my side
soft pillow
that you are (for now)

soothe these lights
sing the lullaby
  as these leftovers
pass me by

see me now
soft and sampling
  dream memories
to sacrifice sleep

sustain this simple
pleasure or sin
awake I
the dark sunrise

I’ve gone beyond
hand-holding now
we’ve slept the full
course of love

desserts and entrees
pass our lips
awake my eyes
to this

I dream this dream
this dream I dream
this dream I dream of you

tell me your honesty (10 Dec 2006)

27 Jun

tell me your honesty
tell me what your world is
tell me your musings
  (my muse, sing)

tell me what dawn is
  (and how the birds
   sing for your lover)
tell me what a sunrise

  can do
  to your heart
when you know
   only you

   only you
  are captured
tell me what shines
  when you sing

  (when I hear your voice)
tell me how the moon rises
this morning over
  only us

mirror of my soul
tell me what song you found last night

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